Yoshida, Hodaka (1926 – 1995)

Yoshida, Hodaka (1926 - 1995)

Hodaka Yoshida first worked in oils, and then in woodblock prints. His parents, Hiroshi and Fujio, were leading artists in oils, watercolors, and from 1925 in shin-hanga woodblock prints. Hodaka focused on abstraction, a style his father disdained. Hodaka’s art is complex, with an “edgy” feel. His 600 prints over 45 years have major changes in subject matter, vocabulary, style, and color. His styles drew from Expressionism, Pop, Photorealism, and Color Field abstraction. Most of his prints would be categorized as sōsaku-hanga. Besides woodblock print technology he used monoprinting, wood engraving, copper etching, silkscreen, lithograph, and photo-transfer techniques. He was a pioneer in Japan in the 1960s and 70’s. He explored modernist expressions of primitive human vitality drawn from cultures around the world, showing great artistry in composition and color.

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