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Toshijiro (Nenjiro) Inagaki graduated in March 1922 from the School of Design, at the Kyoto Municipal Fine Arts Technical School. In November 1922 he began working at the Kyoto branch of the Matsuisakaya Design Center, as head of Nasome Yuzen design. During this time, he began studying dying technology at Kyoto city dye factories. In May 1931 he left the Kyoto branch of Matsusakaya and focused exclusively on designs and technology for textile dying. In the 1950’s he designed multicolor hanga which have the stylized quality of his textile designs, but were printed from single woodblocks at Mikumo Mokuhansha in Kyoto. On October 1, 1958 Toshijiro became a professor at the Kyoto Municipal Fine Arts College. He designed only a handful woodblock prints in the 1950-60s which were published by Mikumo Mokuhansha in Kyoto.

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