Yumedono of Horyuji Temple – Kotozuka, Eiichi

Yumedono of Horyuji Temple – Kotozuka, Eiichi


The octagonal hall is shown in a black, gray, and white print looking up from the ground to the unusual roof decoration on the top.  Yumedono (Hall of Dreams) is one of the main buildings of the grounds of the Hōryū-ji Buddhist temple site.  It is  built on the ground which was once the private palace (Ikaruga no miya) of Prince Shōtoku. The present incarnation of this hall was built in 739 to assuage the Prince’s spirit. The hall acquired its present-day common name in the Heian period, after a legend that says a Buddha arrived as Prince Shōtoku and meditated in a hall that existed here.

Accompanied by the orginal mat with Uchida description of print in English.  Mat is 19″x14″. Minor wear and toning. Lightly hinged to the mat.


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15.5"x10.5" + margins





Signed and sealed in the block


invaluable lot 116526; Wikipedia