Kogyo, Tsukioka – The Goddess at Yoshino – S2407

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Kogyo, Tsukioka – The Goddess at Yoshino – S2407


This is no 71 of 120 prints issued as part of the series One Hundred Prints of Noh. It depicts a scene from the play Yoshino Tennin by the playwright Kanzi Nobumitsu (1450-1516). This scene is from the two act play in which a man from Kyoto travels to Mt Yoshino to see the cherry blossoms. There he encounters a beautiful woman who later appears in her true form as a celestial being (Tennin), who dances in praise of the cherry blossoms.

Format is Oban tate-e. Not examined outside of frame. No viewable problems or flaws of note.

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Additional information


Yoshino Tennin; Heavenly Maiden in Yoshino tennin


Date of Creation


9.5"x14.3" viewable in frame



Matsuki Heikichi (Daikokuya)


The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints IHL #151


Pictures of Noh


Artist signed in image from block