Ito, Nisaburo – Ninnaji Temple Gate in Snow – S0245

Ito, Nisaburo – Ninnaji Temple Gate in Snow – S0245


A large snow covered pine tree partially hides the gate to the Ninnaji temple as snow softly falls in the dark blue night.  On the print, the gate is sprinkled with mica flakes.  Ninnaji temple is the head temple of the Omuro school of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. Located in western Kyoto, it was founded in 888 AD by the retired Emperor Uda. It is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple compound is especially famous for its historic interest and the scenic beauty.

Large oban print with some toning to the paper and typical printer smudge in the right margin.  Some tape residue at the top of the verso.  The right margin corner has the kendo cut used by the printer for color block alignment. It is NOT a defect. This is a hard to find print.



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10.6"x15.8" + margin





Omuro Sanmon


Artist seal "Ni" from Nisaburo and Uchida seal on the lower left corner of image. Copyright seal on the lower right margin.


Ohmi Gallery 12121-Ito_Nisaburo; Sakura 1322