Moonlight in Mii Temple – Asano, Takeji

Moonlight in Mii Temple – Asano, Takeji


The strong lines of temple rooftops dominate this peaceful night scene under a full moon. Located at Otsu city, the Mii-dera Temple was a rival to the Enryaku-ji Temple had was home to an army of warrior-monks in the Medieval era. The temple was destroyed in 1580 and rebuilt in the early 17th century. It is famous for its massive bell, one of the three largest in Japan, its source housed in an octagonal-shaped pavilion and its terrace overlooking Lake Biwa. It is included in many prints by artists such as Hiroshige, Koitsu, Nishiyama, and Asano.Format is oban tate-e. Some wavy condition to paper in upper right of image. Small printer smudge on right margin. Kento cut in lower right margin used to align blocks and is not a flaw.

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JAODB 30999