Moon Crossing Bridge- Inagaki, Toshijiro

Moon Crossing Bridge- Inagaki, Toshijiro


This is a modern print showing people walking on the Togetsukyo bridge over the Katsura River as seen through the branches of large stylized trees. The 155-meter bridge  is a well-known place of scenic beauty in the western hills of Kyoto. The artistic form of the bridge embodies the aesthetic sense that is at the heart of the Japan artistic tradition.  The first bridge was undertaken in 836 during the Heian Period, but the current construction was built in 1934. The bridge is often used in historical films.  Although the bridge appears to have been built of wood, it actually has columns and beams made of reinforced concrete. Only the parapets are constructed from cypress. Cormorant fishing is done in the vicinity of the bridge during summer nights.  Nearby is Mt Arashi (Arashiyama), a 375 meter mountain located south of the bridge.


The artist uses a blue palate for the large trees in the print with human figures in shades of red. Minor ripple on left margin.

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13"x9.4" + margins



red seal and pencil signature in lower right


Togetsukyō; Pine Trees at Mt Arashi.




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