Kogyo, Tsukioka – Michimori S1361

Kogyo, Tsukioka – Michimori S1361


This print depicts a figure balancing hot coals in a test. Synopsis of Noh play Michimori: A priest visiting Naruto goes out one evening to read sutras for the souls of the Taira warriors who perished there, and meets a woman and an old man who approach the shore by boat. They tell him how Kozaisho no Tsubone, the wife of Michimori, drowned herself there at the news of her husband’s death, and then disappear among the waves. The priest prays for them and after a while they reappear, Michimori being this time in his true form. The priest hears the story of the battle, and Michimori and his wife rejoice that they have been able to attain salvation together.

Format is Aiban. From the estate of Dr Henry and Grace Stricker, Milford, MI. Laid down to a backing board. Some water damage to margins. Previously framed.


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Date of Creation


Matsuki Heikichi





Signature in image "Kogyo" and artist seal


13"x9" viewed in frame


Digital Pitt 20091209-kogyo-0163; artelino 54720