Ghost Story of Yotsuya (C0010)

Ghost Story of Yotsuya (C0010)


This print is No 35 of the series. It tells the gruesome story of abused woman Oiwa and her vengeful soul haunting her cruel husband in Yotsuya. In this scene, she is still content and nursing her baby, but the green obi sash hanging over a screen is ominously swaying in the wind as if it were a menacing snake. Throughout his life, Yoshitoshi was captivated by the images of ghosts and monsters. Yoshitoshi created this series from old legends using his own new interpretation. Instead of merely producing frightening images, he focused on the reaction of the people in the scene in order to explore the mood and portray psychological insight. The irregular borders which look torn and worm-eaten, were created to lend a sense of age to the print. The lavishly printed series became one of the most acclaimed and popular series in the Meiji period.

Format is Oban tate-e. Print margins have been trimmed. Excellent image. Laid down to mat. Provenance is estate of a collector who lived in Japan in the 1950s and acquired this print.



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Yotsuya Kaidan



8.8"x14" with no margins





Originally by Sasaki Toyokichi in 1892. Later from the original blocks by Matsuki Heikichi in 1902.


Margin with signature has been trimmed