Okuyama, Gihachiro – Ferry Landing at Yagiri – Present – S0232

Okuyama, Gihachiro – Ferry Landing at Yagiri – Present – S0232


This pastoral print shows the ferry station before WW2. For the past 400 years, the ferry crossing called the Yagiri no Watashi connects Shibamata and Matsudo city in Chiba prefecture.  This ferry crossing is part of the 100 Landscapes of Japan that represent Japan during the Heisei era. The ferry originated as a way to connect two farm communities on either side of the river. It has an idyllic atmosphere thanks to the novel from Sachio Itō titled Nogiku no Haka (“The Wild Daisy” from 1906).  The novel was made into movies in 1955, 1966 and in 1981. There is also a song about the crossing written by Miyuki Ishimoto which hit number one in the Japan record charts in 1983. The song is a love story in which the couple tries to elope by way of the Yagiri no Watashi ferry because their parents object to their relationship.

Done in black and white.

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Japan Print Institute


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