Hiroshige, Utagawa – Evening Snow on Mount Hira – S0717

Hiroshige, Utagawa – Evening Snow on Mount Hira – S0717


Poem: Yuki haruru, HIra no takane no yugure wa, hana no sakari ni suguru koro kana.
(When the snow has ceased falling, the whitened peaks of Hira toward evening, surpass in beauty the cherry, blossoming
in all its perfection)

This is a ukiyo-e reproduction from recarved blocks and is smaller than the original. Originally created in 1833. Date for this edition is unknown. Censor seal for Kiwame. Not examined outside of frame.

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Hira Bosetsu


Date of Creation


13.2"x8.5" viewed in frame



Hoeido (Takeuchi) and Eisendo (Kawasho)


Eight Scenic Views of Ohmi


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