Yoshida, Toshi – Benkei Bridge – S0158

Yoshida, Toshi – Benkei Bridge – S0158


Wonderful design of two traditionally dressed women pausing at the edge of the famous Benkei Bridge in Tokyo. The bright pink and blue of the kimonos provide a colorful accent in contrast to the subtle grays of the stone bridge. Graceful willow branches frame the scene overhead. This beautiful neo-Japanese styled bridge is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo Prefecture.  The bridge was built using scraps from other bridges and was quite famous and popular among the Japanese in the early 1900s because of its Japanese design. It was re-built as a concrete bridge later with a slightly less-pronounced arch.

This print comes from a group of Toshi Yoshida woodblocks acquired from the Yoshida family and were not originally intended for sale. This print has excellent color and detail. Small spot in subject and a couple light creases at edges.


Additional information


Date of Creation



Toshi Yoshida in English in the margin and Japanese within the image (with chop)


Yoshida Studio


9 3/8" x 6 3/4" + margins


JAODB 31084; Fuji Arts 758288; artelino 61246