Bamboo Forest, Left – Kotozuka, Eiichi

Bamboo Forest, Left – Kotozuka, Eiichi

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This woodblock print depicts a bamboo forest in sumi-e style. Bamboo shown in sumi ink is called “Bokuchiku” in “Bunjin-ga” (literally painting). The work depicts naturalistic views of bamboo forests.  The artist illustrates the graceful but strong nature of these trees as they bend but do not break.  Bamboo is a motif used in Japanese culture to represent resilience.

The lower right corner of the print shows a kendo cut used by the printer to align the print.  It is part of the print-making process, not a flaw.  Stamped in-plate to the lower right of the print is the artist’s “Koto” seal and an Uchida publisher’s seal.  There is a companion print by the same artist entitled “Bamboo in the Wind.”

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10.5"x15.8" with margins





Artist's seal (Koto)


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