The one that started it all.

Welcome to our art store, Art-Eclectic.  We have an affinity for 20th century Japanese woodblock prints, but will also be offering Western art that we have collected over the years as well as some woodblocks from the 19th century.

This month we highlight the theme of Yokohama prints.

When Western traders arrived in the new port of Yokohama in 1859, the locals were amazed at the odd habits, fashion, and technology of the first foreigners to visit their land after 250 years of self-imposed isolation.  One of the first consequences of this new found trade was a huge market for Japanese woodblock prints that provided insight on these American and European visitors.  Collectively, these prints that display westerners or their technology are referred to as Yokohama prints.  They were produced for about a decade until the Meiji restoration when Japan began to rapidly transform from a feudalistic society to a modern nation.  These prints of westerners in Japan can be viewed on many levels, as history, as technology, as social commentary, and, of course, as art.

Our previous featured artist: Katsuyukia Nishijima